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Designed in Italy, WeWood create stunning wooden timepieces from 100% natural wood!

The 'Mira' watch is one of WeWood's brand new styles with a classic 'Victorian England' feel, and features a clear square watch face that suits both men and women alike.

The watch is powered by a Japanese 'Miyota' watch movement, and also features hardened, scratch resistant glass. The watch links can be removed by any jeweller or watchmaker, and the watch can fit virtually any wrist size.

Completely free of artificial and toxic materials, these 'hypoallergenic' wood watches are more lightweight and comfortable than any watch you've ever worn. Even on a cold day, they feel perfectly warm against your skin.

About the wood used:

Walnut (Nut) wood is an ideal wood for creating wood carvings and wood turnings. Walnut is an extremely strong wood that very rarely splits or chips. In China, Walnuts are often rotated and played with in the palm of the hand, both as a means to stimulate blood circulation and also as a status symbol.

The wood used to make these watches is 'reclaimed' wood sourced from flooring and furniture makers - so you can rest easy knowing that no new trees needed to be cut down to create these incredible wood watches.

Dimensions & Weight:

Band: 222 mm, Face (including wood frame / bezel): 42 mm long x 42 mm across, 12.75 mm thick

Weight: 42g

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1 new tree is also planted for every watch sold!

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