WeWood Watch - Date Beige


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Say hello to the original wooden watch!

The WeWood "Date Beige" is the wooden watch that kickstarted Greenlife, and is WeWood's original style of watch.

I bought one of these for myself over 3 years ago, and since then have worn it all around the world, and am still wearing it as I type this!

The "Date" watch features a classic bold, clear design, which makes them great for men and women.

Made from 100% natural wood, and completely free of artificial and toxic materials, this wooden watch is more lightweight and comfortable than any watch you've ever worn. Even on a cold morning, it's already warm when you put it on!

About the wood used:

Maple is a strong and versatile wood that is often used in the smoking of food. It is also used to make bowling pins, baseball bats, drum sticks, violins and household furniture.

Dimensions & Weight:

Band: 222 mm, Face (including wood frame / bezel): 42 mm across, 12.75 mm thick

Weight: 42g

Please note that due to the nature of the wood used, the colour of your watch may vary slightly from the images shown.

Questions? Read our FAQ PAGE

🌲 1 tree planted for every watch sold! 🌲

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