WeWood Watch - Arrow Black/Gold


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Designed in Italy, WeWood's brand new 'Arrow' watch combines a clear bold style with 100% natural wood!

The new 'Arrow' design from WeWood features a classic, clean style that looks great on both men and women. It features a large, easy to read watch face, and contains a small window showing the date.

The new 'Black/Gold' version of the arrow watch features a clean gold watch face, which contrasts beautifully with the natural black wood.

Completely free of artificial and toxic materials, this wooden watch is more lightweight and comfortable than any watch you've ever worn - it feels very warm on your skin, even on a cold day, and it's so lightweight - you'll often forget you're wearing a watch at all.

About the wood used:

Blackwood is a hardwood native to Tasmania’s forests, and is the perfect timber for delicate crafts work. Blackwood is very strong and durable, and is often used to make musical instruments, boats and furniture - and of course amazing wood watches just like this one.

Blackwood is very fast growing and can also grow in very harsh environments, ensuring long term sustainability.

Dimensions & Weight:

Band: 210 mm, Face (including wood frame / bezel): 46 mm across, 11 mm thick

Weight: 56g

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🌲 1 tree planted for every watch sold! 🌲

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