Proof Wooden Sunglasses - 'Declo' Black


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The Proof 'Declo' is an awesome 60's "Clubmaster" style of sunglasses, given new life with an eco-friendly design. The 'Declo' is named after a small farming town in Idaho, USA - close to where the founders of Proof Eyewear were born.

The frame and arms of the sunglasses are hand crafted from natural wood, sourced from a certified sustainable forest.

They don't just look good - they're also great for your eyes, thanks to high quality polarised lenses.

They're also really comfy - thanks to spring-loaded hinges. The Declo is a smaller frame size and perfect for small to medium face shapes.

The 'Declo' is a pair of glasses designed for cool guys and girls that want a classic look with an environmental twist.

  • 100% UV protection, with high quality polarised lenses.
  • Real wooden arms and frame.
  • Stainless steel spring hinges & adjustable nosepiece.
  • The glasses come in a free wooden case, with a micro fibre pouch.

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