Tyvek Slimline Wallets

 Tyvek Slimline Wallets for men.

100% Recyclable + Made With Recycled Material + Super Slim & Strong.

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At Greenlife we have a pretty darn cool range of eco friendly slimline wallets from pioneering US brands 'Paperwallet' and 'Mighty Wallet'.
These eco friendly wallets are made from 'Tyvek', a versatile material that's made from 25% recycled materials (such as PET bottles) and at the end of their life, the wallets themselves can be completely recycled. Tyvek is also waterproof, tear proof and extremely durable.

Another cool things about Tyvek is that it makes a great canvas for awesome artwork - as you can see across our range. When you buy one of our Tyvek wallets, you're also contributing to cool artists and helping them get their artwork seen around the world!

We're committed to the environment - and so at Greenlife we also have our own wallet recycling program! If your Tyvek wallet has reached the end of it's life, simply email us and we'll give you the details to return your wallet to us. When we receive your wallet back - you'll also get 20% off your next wallet purchase!