June 17, 2016


Wooden Watches That You Can Wear With Suits

If you’re like most men, you wear so few accessories that you consider a belt to be a piece of jewellery. For the most part, modern men dress for a minimal, sharp aesthetic with few additions, this is why the watch you choose is more important than ever.

Your choice of watch gives subtle hints to your personality better than any slogan-adorned t-shirt ever could. When you pull on a suit and tie this idea is amplified, when you’re dressed like dozens of other men you need to stand out somehow.

Here at Greenlife Online, we scoff at the idea that you must wear a $10,000 timepiece when dressing for a formal event. As a matter of fact, we think the only $10,000 watch you should wear is one awarded as a prize by this man for correctly guessing that the answer to the ‘Who Am I?’ question was Barry Humphries...again.

We think that wooden watches not only tell a story about who you are, but are versatile enough to be donned with a suit. So here’s Greenlife Online’s 3 Wood Watches To Wear With Suits.


WeWood Alpha Black/Gold

This limited edition WeWood watch boasts such an elegant design that it almost feels too classy for our everyday rotation. Designed in Italy and made from Tasmanian Blackwood, the dark wood and gold features make for a classic round face, that’s at once understated and attention-grabbing.

The dark brown and gold combination make it a perfect choice for wear with either navy suits or brown shoes and belt.


WeWood Arrow Nut

Another minimalist round face design, the WeWood Arrow is a clean, unisex timepiece. The Arrow dispenses with the number marking from the Alpha and opts for straightforward notches. A little more ‘look at me’ than the Alpha watch, but still classic and an obvious choice for formal attire.

The lighter shade of walnut wood goes well with tan accessories or lighter suits, including lighter shades of blue.


WeWood Kos Chocolate

Again a classic design with a wooden take. The Kos watch takes a chronograph style design then adds a younger, fresher feel. The face features three smaller dials along with intricate cross-hatching design.

The Indian Rosewood’s shade complements blue suits and tan accessories well, the black features offering more versatility to complement darker shades.


The timber watch is an accessory that speaks volumes about your personality, with a suit it speaks even louder. We have the wooden watch that is just waiting to tell everyone about who you are, have a look at our range now.

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