August 04, 2016


Plant A Tree With Every Wooden Watch

Often when I buy something new I feel just a little bit guilty about my purchase. Not because I’ve chucked it on credit without thinking about paying it back. Not because I was meant to buy groceries and came back with magic beans again. But because I feel like what I purchase is detrimental to the environment in one way or another.

As humans, we love buying things. We love buying things without really thinking about where it’s coming from or where it’s going once we stop using it. You only need to look at the massive amount of plastic waste that we produce every day to see this is in action.

Well, we’ve found at least one thing you can buy without ever feeling guilty about it. Every time you buy a WeWood wooden watch, you’re doing a little bit of good for the environment.

For every WeWood watch that’s sold, the company will plant one tree. Yep, for that little piece of wood on your wrist, you’ll be helping to grow a new forest. There are so few examples of transactions where the earth comes out on top, but we think this is one of them.

So far, WeWood has planted over 400,000 trees through their Plant A Tree scheme. Right now they’re planting trees in Ethiopia with not-for-profit Trees For The Future. Under the ‘Planting Out Of Poverty’ program, Trees For The Future are aiming to plant 1.5 million new trees.

We love partnering with companies who are doing good for the earth, and we think that WeWood is doing a pretty good job at treating Mother Nature well. When you buy a WeWood product, you’re not only buying a sustainably-sourced wooden watch, but you’re contributing to a healthier future for the plant.

 You can browse Greenlife Online’s range of WeWood wood watches here, and plant your own little tree.

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