5 Reasons You Should Have A Wooden iPhone Cover

Timber iPhone Cases

Everybody is carrying around a phone that looks just like the next person’s. When everyone has an iPhone in their hand (brows furrowed as they frantically swipe up through newsfeeds, liking the latest example of Waleed Aly totally nailing it without actually watching the video) we all look exactly the same.

We love our iPhones here at Greenlife Online, but we’re not such big fans of looking exactly the same as everyone else. When phones are so ubiquitous, they are an extension of our style. So why wouldn’t you think about your iPhone’s style in the same way you think of your own?

Here’s five reasons why you should cover your iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 in one of Greenlife Online’s wooden cases.


They are unique

Every one of our timber cases is different from the next, owing to the unique nature of wood as a material. When no two cases are the same, yours will truly be one-of-a-kind.


They are stylish

The minimal but distinct aesthetic of timber as a style accessory is unsurpassed. Pop a wooden case on your phone and you will stand out in the most stylish possible way.

They are durable

Let’s not beat around the bush, when it comes to handling our phones we’re clumsy, butterfingered fools. Wooden iPhone cases are durable, and offer even more protection for the next time you drop your phone on the bathroom tiles (it’s okay, we take our phone to the toilet too).

They are slim

Some phone covers are bulky, taking up too much valuable real estate in your handbag or pocket. Greenlife Online wooden phone covers are slim, hugging the design of the iPhone.

Timber Phone Cover

They are renewable

All of our iPhone covers are made from sustainably-sourced renewable materials. This means you’ll not only be sending a positive message about yourself, but you can feel good about your choice.


Browse Greenlife Online’s range of timber and bamboo iPhone covers now, and start standing out amongst the pack.

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