September 24, 2015


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Introducing the Newest Addition to our Watch Family - the WeWood Kappa.

Here at Greenlife HQ we are very excited to unveil our brand spankin' new Kappa watch range! Like a secret admirer who's crush has just appeared at their bbq - we haven't been able to take our eyes off of them since they arrived. They are a great looking watch, let me tell you. Sporting a large, round face with big hands the watch allows a quick and easy read. Upon closer inspection however, you'll notice the minimalistic detail and flourishes that really brings this watch into its own.
The Kappa range comes in three variations - Beige, Black and the very special limited edition Gold/Black. All variations have 3 additional smaller faces which display the day, date and a 24 hour clock - it's a real one stop shop for information. Plus, like all the WeWood watches, they are quite an enduring product, and they don't mind little knocks here and there.
Another very special quality of all our wooden watches is that they are all completely unique. Our watches are crafted from real wood from real trees, and like trees they are all different. Because of this, colours may be slightly lighter or darker than pictured, as it can depend on the season and age of the tree. We find this really cool - no two people are going to have the same watch - and really, who wants to have the same watch as Gary anyway? No one does. 
Obviously we are huge fans of all three watches but for us the gold embellishments on the Kappa - Black/Gold add just the right amount of bling that puts it ahead of the pack. Check out the full range here.

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