We've Done It - Our Packaging Can Now Be 100% Recycled!


Did you know that the average Australian throws out around 200kg of packaging waste every year? Think about that for a moment, 200 kilograms of foil wrappers from (admittedly delicious) Twix bars. 200 kilograms of those annoyingly hard to open blister-seal packets of cheap screwdrivers. 200 kilograms of foam trays and plastic wrap that for some reason supermarkets feel the need to wrap their vegetables in.

Here at Greenlife HQ, we’ve decided not to play a hand in this 1.9 million tonne great Australian packaging mess any longer. That’s why, as of today, when you order anything from Greenlife Online it will be packed using 100% recyclable materials. From our satchels, padded with recycled newspaper (not plastic) all the way down to the packing tape, you can put it all out with your recycling!

Now, it must be said that we Aussies have come a long way with our recycling habits. In just one decade until 2012, the recycling rate for packaging increased from around 40% up to over 60%. And the introduction of kerbside recycling in the late ‘80s and early 90’s changed the way a lot of us thought about what we do with our waste.

We still have a bad habit as producers though, and it’s proving a little harder to break. When we make something, we tend to think that it’s not complete until we place it in a plastic bag or container. It’s a habit that Greenlife is doing its best to help break. That 1.9 million tonnes of packaging waste will produce the same amount of greenhouse gas in its lifetime as 860,000 cars!

We’re pretty keen on our planet here at Greenlife, and while this little effort is not going to take all of that pollution out of the air, it’s one way that we’re chipping in. And each time you shop with Greenlife Online, you’re chipping in too!

If you’ve bought something with ridiculously excessive packaging, or just have some thoughts let us know, we love hearing from you. Shoot us an email at info@greenlifeonline.com.au, tweet us @greenlifeaus or leave a comment on this post.

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