A Review Of Our New Wood Prescription Glasses

The wonderful Mahalia Lovell of Love 'Em Reviews (who last year reviewed some of our wooden watches and sunglasses) was kind enough to review some of our new wooden prescription glasses as well, and the reviews were overwhelmingly positive!

Mahalia is a life long glasses wearing girl herself, so I thought she would be perfect to road test the new range! We're very happy to be the exclusive supplier of these cool wooden glasses in Australia, from the US company Proof Eyewear.

We sent Mahalia 4 different pairs - two pairs made entirely from wood, and two pairs made from a combination of wood and a cotton-based acetate.The Proof wooden reading glasses are renewable, sustainable and even biodegradable.

We think it's a great step forward for a product required by so many people around the world, and like all of our products, it offers a much more sustainable and eco friendly alternative to a product that people purchase all the time.


Check out the full review here.












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