May 30, 2015


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An interview with Daniele Guidi, the founder of WeWood Watches.


Here is a nice little interview with Daniele Guidi, the co-founder of WeWood watches. He gives some interesting info about the origins of the WeWood brand, and their plans for the future (plus, I don't know about you - but there's something about a real Italian accent that always brings a smile to my face)

The WeWood company was founded in Italy in 2009, and is now headquartered in Los Angeles. The watches are designed using a range of different types of wood, including Indian Rosewood, Tasmanian Blackwood, Teak and Maple. The wood used to make the watches is largely reclaimed wood used in furniture and flooring, so that no extra trees are cut down to source the wood.

The incredible wooden timepieces made by WeWood are our most sought-after item, and every new model of watch they release somehow seems to be even more impressive than the last.

WeWood started their range with the 'Date' model, which is a great unisex design, they now have new models designed specifically for men or women (such as the 'Alpha' for men, and the 'Mimosa' and 'Odyssey' for women)

WeWood are passionate about eco friendly fashion, and not only do they make their watches as sustainably as possible, but they also plant 1 tree for every watch sold!

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