For we clumsy folk, wooden iPhone covers are a must have.

We’re a clumsy bunch here at Greenlife HQ. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen a buzzing iPhone go flying across the room, having slipped from someone’s butterfingers and crashing back to earth with a harsh thud. Actually I’ve only ever seen that happen once, but it’s less embarrassing than what typically happens. Normally, I’ll finish on a phone call and attempt what I imagine will be a cool, spinning manoeuvre to return the phone to my pocket (like a businessman cowboy putting a gun back in his holster). The phone slips from my fingers, falls to the ground and I end up looking like the goose.

A goose with a broken phone.

That was until I invested in a bamboo iPhone cover.

Now let’s be honest, those phone cases people buy that can survive a 125 metre drop into electrified, shark-filled waters are a bit unnecessary (and ugly, oh so ugly). A wooden phone cover offers a degree of protection not offered by your standard plastic case, and with an air of beauty about it. They just look really good.

At Greenlife we're waiting for a day when everything is made of wood, and we’ll lobby Apple until we see the mahogany iPhone 7 hit the shelves. Until then, Greenlife’s wooden iPhone covers are the next best thing. They’re available in dark wood and bamboo and are the perfect blend of nature and technology.

Check out the full range of wooden iPhone covers here.

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