January 19, 2015


Where do WeWood watches get their wood?

Since Greenlife Online started, more and more people have been enjoying our incredible WeWood wooden watches, and many people have asked where the wood is sourced from.

I don't think it's possible to find a watch maker more environmentally friendly than WeWood - not only are the watches made from renewable, sustainable wood, and not only do they plant a new tree for every watch sold (over 300,000 so far!) - the majority of the wood used to make their watches is actually recycled wood - discards and offcuts from the furniture and flooring industry - wood that would ordinarily go to waste.

The info graphic below shows where much of the wood originates from - and it's great to see that Australia gets a guernsey, with our Tasmanian Brownwood being part of the mix. 

WeWood keep their wooden watches as natural as possible, and do not use any artificial coatings or glazes. They want their watches to feel as natural on your skin as possible.

WeWood watches come in a range of styles to suit both men and women, and are priced from $129 - $149.

They are incredibly lightweight, hypo-allergenic, splash proof, and surprisingly durable. Plus, they are a sure-fire conversation starter (trust me!)

Check out our range of watches, all we free Australian shipping!

 - Matthew, owner of Greenlife Online.

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