November 05, 2014


The Mighty Wallet is here, and it's mighty good!

You can now buy a range of 'Mighty Wallets' from the Greenlife store - a super strong, super slim, eco friendly wallet.

I've had my own Mighty Wallet for a number of years, and get comments all the time on how thin it is, and how cool the design is.

The Mighty Wallets are made from 'Tyvek', which is made from 25% recycled HDPE, and the wallet itself can be completely recycled. The wallet almost looks and feels like it's made of glossy paper, but it's actually waterproof, and virtually tear-proof. THere are countless YouTube videos showing how strong they are.

They're made from a single sheet of Tyvek material that is folded in a very clever design to create a stitchless, slimline wallet, and it still has plenty of room to hold all of your notes and credit cards. The wallet will also expand and contract as it needs to, so that everything fits in there nice and snugly.

If you're anything like me you hate having coins in your wallet, and I found this was a great excuse to stop carrying coins around.

The wallets come in a range of cool styles, including real maps of the London Underground and New York Subway, as well as the Union Jack and Australian flags - all printed with eco friendly inks.

The Mighty Wallet is available from Greenlife for just $29 each, with free shipping Australia-wide!

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