September 19, 2014


Plastic comes and plastic goes - but wood is for life.

3 years ago almost to the day I bought my first wooden watch - originally something I discovered late at night on a random, far-flung corner of the internet.

Back then I rarely even wore a watch - but since getting my new wooden version, I've rarely been without it.

These days, the watch is showing signs of adventure; it's got scratches and bumps, it's got specs of darker colours thanks to being splashed with water, and yet somehow this gives the watch a character that seems to make it even better.

I've worn it everywhere from formal occasions with important customers, to lazy afternoons on overseas beaches - and it fits perfectly at both, and anywhere in between.

There's something about wood that just can't be replicated. It's lighter than plastic, warmer than metal, and has a genuine 'value' to it.

Something made from plastic that is completely artificial becomes all too disposable - but craft something out of wood, and you'll want to keep it for life.


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