June 03, 2016


Proof That You Can Do Good

Proof Do Good Project

There’s always that one friend making plans to help out in an orphanage in Cambodia. We all know her. She volunteers for three months, returning home just in time for summer, ready to move on to a new, interesting job. 

Her Facebook is full of photos of cute kids dressed in better clothes and speaking better English, all because your friend did something she didn’t have to do: help.

They are those altruistic, adventurous free spirits that live a life we wish we could lead. And let’s be honest, we get a little bit jealous when we hear about their latest escapades. 

Sometimes the business world feels a lot like real life. At Greenlife Online, we have one of those friends. We try and be a bit like them, we hang out with them and we hope that we seem a little cooler by reflection. Proof Eyewear are our adventurous, generous and slightly cooler friend.

Here’s what usually happens with businesses. 

Company makes a thing. You buy the thing, the company makes some money. Repeat. And thus concludes our extensive online business course.

Not many companies do good simply for the sake of doing good. Proof Eyewear bucks that idea.

“Doing good has always been our mentality at Proof,” says Chief Operating Officer Tanner Dame. “From the beginning, we were donating funds to different organisations and traveling to various areas that needed assistance.”

But simply sending money off to various people in need didn’t feel like quite enough for a company keen on giving back. In 2013 Proof launched their ‘Do Good’ program and started to get their hands dirty.

“The first project was in India where we were able to build two sight-giving eye clinics.” The funds for the project coming courtesy of customers who bought their sunnies from the ‘Do Good Project’ line of sunglasses. 

India holds the unfortunate title of home of the blind. Dame says “[it’s] known for housing over 1/4 of the world's blind population due to cataracts, so these eye clinics are able to lower that number every single day.”

Since launching the project three years ago, the company’s gone on to help out in places like El Salvador, Uganda, Nepal and this year The Philippines. 

“This February, while were in The Philippines, we were able to see completely blind twin sisters see for the first time in their lives. The change just in their demeanour was life changing for the people around them witnessing.”

Seeing a company like Proof bring about positive change simply by helping in places they’re not expected to help is something we can really get behind. At Greenlife Online, we love surrounding ourself with the types of friends that use their holiday time to volunteer in orphanages and open clinics.

If you would like to help Proof do good, make your next pair of glasses a pair that help improve this world we live in. Greenlife Online, has a huge range of Proof wooden and recycled sunglasses and prescription glasses, have a browse of our range now.

- Trent Bartlett

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