May 22, 2016


Minimalism: A Guide To Men's Watches In 2016

Tmbr Helm Watch

When it comes to watches in 2016, minimalism is the order of the day. For now at least, the idea of strapping chunky, overstated timepieces to your wrist has become an idea as garish as Johnny Depp’s wardrobe in a Tim Burton film. The modern timepiece is understated and elegant in design, slim and not too much in the way of bells and whistles. So what should you look for when deciding on your next minimalist watch?

For most men, versatility should be a key consideration for watches. A simple design that complements and accentuates your clothing choices will offer more to your outfit than a bulky design. Clean design and appropriate coordination will mean the watch becomes a talking point, but not something people notice from the other side of the street.

A clutter-free face is a must for the modern watch. A watch face that’s sleek in design without the addition of too many dials, numbers and hands will not only be easier to read but also pleasing on the eyes.

Consider too, the branding on the face. Some watch companies put so much emphasis on ensuring that their name is conveyed that overall design suffers. The face should carry a smaller, elegant brand that doesn’t seek to steal the spotlight.

And most importantly perhaps, colour. The colour of the strap and face will be important when deciding with what outfits you should wear your watch. In our range at Greenlife Online, for example, a lighter colour wooden watch will look great in complementing bright colours while a black leather watch with a dark wooden face works best with greys, blacks and winter shades.

Here are Greenlife Online’s two top picks for an understated, minimalist wooden watch to add into your wardrobe’s rotation:

The wooden watches you need in your rotation:

Tmbr ‘Helm’ Wood Watch - Sandalwood & Matte Black

Tmbr Helm Sandalwood Watch


This slimline design leads the way in modern watch designs, while featuring the uniqueness of a sandalwood face. The dark colours complement formal wear, and the slim profile offers the versatility of wearing with cuffs.



WeWood Watch - Arrow Nut 

WeWood Arrow Nut Watch


The WeWood Arrow Nut features a completely wooden design, from the face to the band. It’s guaranteed to start a conversation. The colour of the wood is comparable to a tan colour and looks best when complementing shades of blue and brighter colours.



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