Wayfarer Sunglasses, Made From Cork?

Recycled Sunglasses

From time to time you stumble across something so new and unique that you cannot help but get excited. Genuinely fresh ideas are rare. Ideas that are both fresh and sustainable are even more difficult to find.

Seeing Blue Planet’s cork sunglasses did it for us. Polarised wayfarer sunglasses made entirely from recycled materials and, yep, cork! They’re as cool as they sound.

For Blue Planet’s Matt Weinstein, it was a pair of sneakers that planted the seed that would eventually grow into eco fashion’s newest idea.

“We were actually walking around the Malibu Shopping Centre and stumbled across these super cool Nikes that were made of cork. Needless to say, those came home with me and the search was on” Weinstein says of his introduction to cork as a style statement. “It took many months of searching to find a person working with cork material.”

Sustainable materials, for sustainable fashion.

Until now the only cork in your house may have been the one that stood between your wine and your glass. But the environmental benefits of cork as a material are wider-reaching than you might think.

“Cork is an amazing material and very eco friendly” Weinstein continues. “A cork tree isn’t harmed when the bark is harvested and lives for about 130 years. After a cork tree is harvested, it absorbs more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than a regular tree.”

Wayfarer Cork Sunglasses

The upcycled sunglasses also comprise recycled plastic, metal and fabric, making for a pair of sunnies that are not only truly unique but help you do your bit in contributing to reducing the world’s waste.

And just in case you want to feel extra happy with yourself, every time a pair of Blue Planet sunglasses is sold, a pair of glasses is donated to vision impaired people. With over 75,000 pairs of glasses already donated through their #VisualizeChange program, these are a pair of sunglasses that you can feel good about wearing.

Pick up a pair of Blue Planet cork sunglasses from Greenlife Online today.

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