Volcom Are Using Recycled Bottles To Make REALLY Comfy Boardies

Volcom Mod Tech Boardshorts

If you travel anywhere around the world, it's hard to find people that value the environment more than those who choose to spend their free time in the ocean.

Surfers, swimmers and all-round beach bums typically have a genuine interest in preserving the natural environment, and it's not hard to figure out why. It's becoming increasingly hard to ignore that the oceans are filling up with plastic - but luckily a lot of that plastic can be reborn. In fact, a lot of that plastic can be turned into clothing that we need to wear in the ocean anyway.

Global surfwear brand Volcom has recently partnered with 'Repreve' to release a new range of 'Mod-Tech' boardshorts made from recycled PET bottles, as part of a move towards greater environmental sustainability.

In the last 8 years alone, Repreve have recycled over 4 billlion plastic bottles.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Volcom's eco-partner 'Repreve' is an American company that recycles plastic bottles and turns them into a high quality blended fabric, very similar to polyester. Making boardies from this recycled fabric requires 50% less energy than creating brand new fabric - and each pair of Mod-Tech boardies prevents 5 plastic bottles from clogging up the oceans and landfill.

Volcom Recycled Mod-Tech Boardshorts

But are the boardies any good? I mean, it's great to make an eco-friendly alternative, but if they're not comfortable to wear, or just generally don't serve the purpose of a pair of boardshorts, it's not really going to work. Well the good news is that by all accounts, they're awesome. In fact, many people have already said they're more comfortable than their old boardies:

As a surfboard shaper in Hawaii I purchase the best boardshorts. The Volcom men's Mod-Tech pro has insane stretch and a durable but light fabric. I really like the angled pocket on the side. These are my current favourite pair of board shorts.

- Reidsurfboards (Via

The recycled fabric is comfortable and stretchy, breathes well and doesn't cling to your skin when it gets wet. It also dries really quickly (like, really quickly) so that when you get out of the water, you're ready to roll. Some men have even said they wear them during hot yoga classes (which hadn't even crossed my mind, but now I think about it - they're perfect)

So really, it sounds like there's no downside at all, and by purchasing clothing made from recycled materials, you're moving things in the right direction.


Volcom have had an increasing environmental focus within their company since 2005, and have plans to keep improving their environmental and social standards. By 2020 they plan to be using 20% organic/recycled materials in their production, as well as starting a 'Close The Loop' program, in which the majority of Volcom products can be returned at the end of their life cycle and either re-used or re-cycled.

It's great to see global companies setting new standards for environmental and social sustainability. Based on the amount of plastic that is piling up in the ocean - we have a lot of work to do.

The Volcom Mod-Tec shorts are available in Australia from $36. Visit for more information.


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 - Matthew, Founder of Greenlife.

A Video Of The Best Wooden Watches Of 2017

WeWood Criss Wooden Watch
The humble wooden watch is a very in-demand piece of wrist wear.

When I first bought my own wooden watch around 5 years ago, I doubt many people in Australia had ever seen anything like it - I sure hadn't.

Well here we are in 2017 and whilst wooden watches still regularly manage to blow the minds of people that haven't seen them before (many a barista or bartender have paused mid-service to ask me if they can look closer at my watch) the awareness and demand for wooden watches is slowly growing. And rightly so.

It's not hard to see why; they're lighter, more comfortable, better for the environment and, if I may say so, something that you will care for and value much more than a metal or plastic watch.

Whilst we're spreading the word about all-natural wrist candy, we decided to knock up a quick video showcasing out favourite wooden watches of 2017, from our favourite two brands 'WeWood' and 'Tmbr'.


There's a lot of different styles for both men and women, made from different types of wood such as Maple, Walnut wood, Indian Rosewood, African Blackwood and even Australia's own Tasmanian Blackwood.

Wood is a naturally sustainable and renewable material, but brands like WeWood take this a step further and actually source recycled wood which would otherwise go to waste - such as offcuts from furniture makers. On top of that, they also plant 1 new tree for every watch sold. You really can't get a more eco friendly watch than that. 

Greenlife has always been a champion of eco-friendly timepieces, and we'll keep on searching the world to bring you new brands and new designs.

Many brands such as WeWood are continually launching new and experimental watches to evolve their range even further, so we'll be sure to keep you posted.

If you want to view our full range of wood watches, click here.

We're always happy to continue the conversation - if you have any questions, comments, or just generally want to say G'day, leave a comment in the section below.

 - Matthew, Owner of Greenlife.

Proof Fairview Wood Sunglasses | New Year, New Look

Proof Fairview Mahogany Sunglasses

It's a new year, and that's as good of a reason as any for some new elements to your style. With the casual simplicity of the typical summer wardrobe, sunglasses are the perfect accessory for bringing outfits together. But why wear the same sunnies as everybody else when you could be wearing an inimitable pair of wooden sunglasses? Right?

Introducing Proof Fairview Wooden Sunglasses

We already love Proof's range of wood sunnies. They're at once on-trend and completely unique. The new Fairview Mahogany sunglasses are no different. Taking cues from the revival of a 1960s London-chic, these round frames put a new spin on a classic style. 

In stained mahogany, you have yourself a pair of sunglasses that are not only a fashion statement but also an environmental statement.

 Proof Fairview Wood Sunnglasses

Perfect for owning your summer style, these round-framed wooden sunglasses make your old pair of Raybans look utterly pedestrian. 

Check them out now at Greenlife, and don't forget that you can buy now/pay later on whatever you chuck in your Greenlife basket.

August 24, 2016


Sunglasses That Can Help People To See

Blue Planet Visualize Change

It’s estimated that 285 million people around the world are vision impaired. 90% of the world’s visually impaired live in low-income settings. 80% of vision impairment could be prevented or cured. I’m just going to let those numbers sink in for a moment.

Those stats from the World Health Organisation tell us a great deal about how we think about eyesight and how we care for each other. In many Western countries, vision is a sense that we protect throughout our lives. We have the benefit of sunglasses in the summer and safety glasses at work to help us prevent vision loss. If our eyesight begins to falter, most of us have access to doctors and optometrists who help us see.

But many people in developing countries and low-income settings do not have this kind of protection.

For those of us who have never experienced vision loss, it’s hard to imagine what life would be like if we were unable to see the world in all its glory. It is difficult enough to put yourself in the shoes of a man who is losing his vision because of a condition that cannot be prevented. But imagine how it might feel to not only be losing your vision but knowing that your condition might be cured if only you had more money.


Visualise Change

Blue Planet Sunglasses


We might not be able to fix this problem in one fell swoop, but together we can help. Quite often, the vision-impaired person might simply need a pair of glasses. But without the access or resources to buy corrective lenses, they continue to be counted with those 285 million people.

Blue Planet is one company that is doing their bit to help. How? By donating glasses to those in need.

For every pair of Blue Planet sunglasses you buy from Greenlife Online, a pair of spectacles is donated to a person in need. With your help, over 75,000 pairs have been donated so far through their #VisualizeChange program (we can overlook the incorrect American spelling of Visualise in this one instance).

Between their philanthropy and their ethical approach to making products, we love what Blue Planet do. By choosing Blue Planet for your next pair of sunnies, you’re making an actual, tangible difference. You’re helping a person see the world.

Have a look at our range of Blue Planet recycled sunglasses here.
August 04, 2016


Plant A Tree With Every Wooden Watch

Often when I buy something new I feel just a little bit guilty about my purchase. Not because I’ve chucked it on credit without thinking about paying it back. Not because I was meant to buy groceries and came back with magic beans again. But because I feel like what I purchase is detrimental to the environment in one way or another.

As humans, we love buying things. We love buying things without really thinking about where it’s coming from or where it’s going once we stop using it. You only need to look at the massive amount of plastic waste that we produce every day to see this is in action.

Well, we’ve found at least one thing you can buy without ever feeling guilty about it. Every time you buy a WeWood wooden watch, you’re doing a little bit of good for the environment.

For every WeWood watch that’s sold, the company will plant one tree. Yep, for that little piece of wood on your wrist, you’ll be helping to grow a new forest. There are so few examples of transactions where the earth comes out on top, but we think this is one of them.

So far, WeWood has planted over 400,000 trees through their Plant A Tree scheme. Right now they’re planting trees in Ethiopia with not-for-profit Trees For The Future. Under the ‘Planting Out Of Poverty’ program, Trees For The Future are aiming to plant 1.5 million new trees.

We love partnering with companies who are doing good for the earth, and we think that WeWood is doing a pretty good job at treating Mother Nature well. When you buy a WeWood product, you’re not only buying a sustainably-sourced wooden watch, but you’re contributing to a healthier future for the plant.

 You can browse Greenlife Online’s range of WeWood wood watches here, and plant your own little tree.

July 19, 2016


Introducing Buy Now, Pay Later.


zipPay Buy Now Pay Later


If you’re like everyone else in the world, you have filled up your online shopping cart only to find yourself shrinking away from the checkout screen, closing your browser, shutting your laptop and hiding the debit card from yourself. You want a new wallet, watch and phone cover and you want it now, but you can’t justify paying for it all at once, right? We think we’ve found a wonderful solution.


Greenlife Online is proud to introduce Buy Now, Pay Later.

We’ve teamed up with the good people at zipPay to bring you a new way of paying for your online shopping. ZipPay brings you the opportunity to add all the things to your cart without any feeling of guilt (and without hiding that debit card). Get your items now while paying off your purchase over as much as twelve weeks. Oh, and did we mention that you pay no interest? Yep, no interest.

“So what do I need to do to get a slice of this incredible offer cake?”

I’m glad you posed that mixed metaphor of a question. Firstly, shop like you normally would on any other day. Add all the things to your cart. Then at checkout, simply choose zipPay as your payment method. Follow a couple of instructions and we’ll have your purchase to your front door sooner than you can say “actually, that wasn’t technically a mixed metaphor”. You don’t even need to pay a deposit today.

You can read more about how zipPay works here. We think it’s poised to be a game-changer in the world of online shopping. Actually, we’re a little bit excited about zipPaying our way across the internet without the worry and burden of ridiculous credit card interest.

Start shopping now, and take advantage of Buy Now, Pay Later.

How To Choose Wooden Prescription Glasses

Greenlife Online Guide To Buying Prescription Glasses

We recently published a guide to help you choose the right pair of sunglasses for your face’s shape. Not all face shapes will suit all frames. For example, if you pop a pair of round spectacles on an already round face, you’ll be accentuating your circular face and end up looking as though your head might starting rolling down the street. I don’t think any of us want that.

The four most common face shapes are heart, round, oval and square. Into which shape does your face fit? Which wooden prescription frames suit your face’s shape? Well, we’ve put together a second handy guide to choosing frames that suit your face. This time, it’s all about spectacles.

Of course, it’s worth noting that, like a square peg in a round hole, not all faces will exactly match these examples. Also, you shouldn’t feel that you cannot break these rules. They are simply suggestions that might give you ideas on picking frames if you don't know where to start.


Heart-Shaped Faces

What do we mean by a heart-shaped face? It’s a face in which the jawline is the narrowest part, the forehead the widest. Frames with a heavier top complement the wider forehead, so we suggest the Proof RX Capitol Matte Black.

Proof Capitol Matte Black Wooden Glasses

Round-Shaped Faces

We love a big, round face, they’re the most cheerful by far (no, we’re not saying 'cheerful' means overweight). Round faces are widest at the cheekbones and narrower at the top and bottom. Steer clear of round frames and opt for a frame that is bold and angular. Strong angles create a bold juxtaposition to the shape of your face. We suggest you go for Proof RX Pledge Pear or Proof Capitol Black wooden frames.

Proof Pledge Pear Wooden GlassesProof Capitol Black Wooden Glasses

Oval-Shaped Faces

For those with a case of long-face (we’ll call it an oval face), you will find that a wider variety of frames suit you. Remember, that if your face is particularly narrow, you will need to find a narrower pair of spectacles. Wider frames may not sit well on your face. We suggest Proof RX Loom Black wooden frames.

Proof Loom Wooden Glasses

Square-Shaped Faces

You’ve got strong features, like a bold jaw line, wide forehead and wide cheekbones. Given that your face already features strong angles, some rounder specs work well against that. Choose Proof RX Driggs Blue or Proof RX Lunar Black frames.

Proof Driggs Wooden GlassesProof Lunar RX Wooden Glasses

All of Greenlife Online's wooden spectacle frames can be fitted with your prescription lenses. Take your wooden glasses to your optometrist and they'll have you in your new frames ASAP.


- Trent Bartlett

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