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Welcome to Greenlife, an Australian eco store housing a unique range of eco-friendly fashion accessories, handcrafted from sustainable & recycled materials.

We supply 'WeWood' designer wooden watches, wood & leather watches from TMBR, 'Proof' wooden sunglasses and wooden prescription reading glasses, 100% recycled sunglasses from Blue Planet Eyewear, wooden iPhone covers, as well as eco friendly Tyvek Wallets.

We source products from companies that not only make sustainable products, but also do a bit extra to help the planet - whether it be by donating some of their profits to charity, or helping to plant extra trees.

We think wood and bamboo are great materials because they are renewable, sustainable, and reduce our dependance on oil-based plastics. They're also very lightweight, durable and look great.

Our eco friendly watches and eyewear make great gift ideas for men and women, and allow you to live a more enjoyable, sustainable lifestyle.

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Greenlife is proudly Australian owned & operated.

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We need to talk about Australia's e-waste problem.

March 12, 2017

By Matthew Devitt. A worker in China climbs through a mountain of computer e-waste. "Out of sight, out of mind" is a common expression that we all know, and when it comes to e-waste, it's a phrase that perfectly sums up the problem. Computers, mobile phone, televisions, cables, MP3 players and many more items are being purchased, and just as quickly disposed of, at an accelerating rate. In fact, from 2007 until 2016 alone, more than 7 billion smartphones have been created. Just let that sink in for a second. Me personally, well I've already lost count of how many different mobile phones I've already owned. 8? 10? Maybe a dozen? It's a scary figure to think about. "If you took every smartphone...

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The Best Hikes in Australia's Cities

January 21, 2017

As far as nicknames go, The Big Brown Land is a little unfair on Australia. It really undersells it. If you’re a country, you don’t want to be described as big and brown, you want words like breathtaking, green and stunning to precede your name (unless of course you’re Germany, then you would probably be happy with one adjective: Efficient). But what we’re saying is Australia is a beautiful country full of scenery that consistently surprises. From sweeping coastlines that look like they’ve been lifted straight from your computer’s wallpaper, to luscious, dense rainforests and those interminable stretches of nothingness in-between. It’s a wonderful place to get out and explore. The best thing about Australia’s cities is that you don’t...

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